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Research and Professional Interests

Yehia Daaka, Ph.D. Yehia Daaka, Ph.D.
Haskell Hess Professor and Chair
(352) 273-8112
  • Understanding the biological roles of G protein-coupled and androgen receptors that instruct embryonic development and continue to function in adulthood
John Aris, Ph.D. John P. Aris, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
(352) 273-6868
  • Cellular Aging
  • Mechanisms that regulate chronological and replicative life span in eukaryotic cell types
William A. Dunn, Jr., Ph.D William A. Dunn Jr., Ph.D.
(352) 273-9007
  • Molecular aspects of the regulation and mechanisms of cellular autophagy in normal and diseased tissues
Maria Guijarro, Ph.D.
Assistant Scientist
(352) 273-9156
Jianhui Guo, Ph.D.
Assistant Scientist
(352) 273-9720
ACB2015-4169 Shuang Huang, Ph.D.
(352) 273-6769
  • Elucidating molecular mechanisms associated with breast and ovarian cancer metastasis
  • Identifying cancer driver genes/pathways in ovarian cancer
Alexander M. Ishov, Ph.D Alexander M. Ishov, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
(352) 273-8202
  • Chemoresistance in breast cancer
  • Nuclear Structure and Function
  • Epigenetic Regulation of Gene Expression
  • Tumor Suppression
Daiqing Liao, Ph.D Daiqing Liao, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
(352) 273-8188
  • Cell-biological functions of KATs & HDACs in virology, epigenetics and cancer biology, as well as on discovery, characterization, and optimization of novel small-molecule inhibitors of these enzymes for cancer therapy
Paul Linser, Ph.D. Paul J. Linser, Ph.D.
Whitney Marine Laboratory
(904) 461-4036
  • Regulation of genes that serve to distinguish and define specific cell types in maturing tissues
Amanda Maxey Amanda Maxey, M.D.
Research Assistant Professor
Viacheslav Morozov, Ph.D.
Assistant Scientist
(352) 273-8216
narayan_s Satya Narayan, Ph.D.
(352) 273-8163
  • Targeting DNA repair and replication pathways for therapy of colorectal cancer
  • Mechanisms of cigarette smoke-induced breast and lung carcinogenesis
  • Role of APC in DNA repair
Venkatesh Nonabur Venkatesh Nonabur, M.D.
Assistant Scholar
(352) 273-9393
  • University of Florida College of Medicine Exemplary Teacher Award, 2006 to 2012
opavsky Rene Opavsky, Ph.D
Associate Professor
(352) 294-8596
  • Role of DNA methyltransferases in normal and malignant hematopoiesis
Qiu_Yi Yi Qiu, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
(352) 273-8201
  • Understanding the structure and function of different class of HDACs, as well as their roles in gene regulation and cancer
Kyle E. Rarey, Ph.D. Kyle E. Rarey, Ph.D.
(352) 273-5753
  • Charter Member, UF College of Medicine Society of Teaching Scholars, May 2000
  • Advisory Board member of Gray’s Anatomy for Students, August 2002.
  • Academy of Distinguished Teaching Scholars Committee, 2004
  • Member of the National Steering Committee for Research in Medical Education (RIME) of the AAMC, 2003-2005
Tracy-Ann Read, Ph.D. Tracy-Ann Read, Ph.D.
Research, Assistant Professor
(352) 273-8154
  • Cell Motility
  • Neurodevelopment and Neurodegeneration
  • Brain Cancer Metastasis
Stephen P. Sugrue, Ph.D.
Professor and Sr. Associate Dean of Research Affairs
(352) 273-8475
  • Elucidate the molecular determinants of the regulation of corneal epithelial cell phenotype
Hamsa Hamsa Thayele Purayil, Ph.D.
Assistant Scientist
(352) 273-8244
  • Cancer research
  • Prostate cancer signaling
  • Nuclear receptors and cancer
Eric A. Vitriol, Ph.D Eric A. Vitriol, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
(352) 273-9214
  • Actin dynamics
  • Neurodegenerative disease
  • High-resolution microscopy
Maria Zajac-Kaye, Ph.D Maria Zajac-Kaye, Ph.D.
(352) 273-9153
  • Understanding mechanisms of oncogenic transformation
  • Defining patterns of cooperation between thymidylate synthase (TS) and other cancer genes using a series of defined mouse models
  • Improve use of TS as a biomaker and therapeutic target