Our Mission

Our research mission is to generate new knowledge in the field of Cell Biology. Our education mission is to transmit to medical and graduate students important scientific information concerning the organization of the human body and the structure and function of its cells, tissues and organs. We sustain a vigorous and high quality program of research activities, and provide academic service of the highest quality to the institution and to the profession.

Medical Education

Human Histo
Graduate Programs
  • Anatomical Sci Ed PhD
  • Anatomical Sci Ed MS
  • Medical Anatomy & Physiology MS
  • Molecular Cell Biology MS Program
  • Molecular Cell Biology Concentration PhD
  • Cancer Biology Concentration PhD
Certificate Programs
  • Medical Human Anatomy
  • Medical Anatomy & Physiology
  • Anatomical Sciences Education
Courses Offered
  • Undergraduate Courses
  • Graduate Courses

News & Announcements

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