Dr. Kyle Rarey

UF Health researchers find genetic ‘switch’ that can impact asthma, parasitic treatments

As medical conditions, asthma and parasitic worm infections have almost nothing in common. But they share a common genetic trait — a “molecular switch” that can be manipulated to reduce […]

Award for Student Excellence Named After Dr. Rarey

UF College of Medicine Class of 2020 establishes award for student excellence, named after Dr. Kyle Rarey.

Iqbal Muhmud Receives 2017 Outstanding International Student Achievement Award

Congratulations to MCB graduate students Iqbal Mahmud on receiving 2017 Outstanding International Student Academic Achievement Award! Mentor: Daiqing Liao, Ph.D. For more information on the Medical Guild competitions and awards, […]

Dr. Yi Qiu manuscript published in The FASEB Journal

Yi Qiu, Ph.D., Assistant Professor in the Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology, recently published a manuscript in The FASEB Journal titled “Histone deacetylase 1 (HDAC1) activates PU.1 gene transcription […]

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Department Misson

Our research mission is to generate new knowledge in the field of Cell Biology. Our education mission is to transmit to medical and graduate students important scientific information concerning the organization of the human body and the structure and function of its cells, tissues and organs. We sustain a vigorous and high quality program of research activities, and provide academic service of the highest quality to the institution and to the profession.

A Message from the Chair

Seminar Series


ACB Seminar Series: Marie Webster

ARB R4-265

From 10:45am until 11:45am


ACB Seminar Series: Zach Osking

ACB Seminar Series:

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Spring Break

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ACB Seminar Series: Frederico Mayor Jr

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ACB Seminar Series: Jessica Lewis

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ACB Seminar Series: Christopher Vulpe, PhD

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ACB Seminar Series: Yi Qiu PhD

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ACB Seminar Series: Marie Guijarro Barrigon PhD

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From 10:45am until 11:45am