John P. Aris PhD Member of $10.7 Million Project

John P. Aris, PhD is a member of a UF team led by Dr. Wesley E. Bolch PhD that received earlier this year a program project grant for $10.7 million from the NIH National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.  The program is entitled “Multi-Scale Evaluation and Mitigation of Toxicities Following Internal Radionuclide Contamination” and is directed by Gayle E. Woloschak PhD at Northwestern University.  Project 1 involving Drs. Aris, Bolch, and Ruogu Fang PhD is entitled “Deployable Software for the Rapid Assessment of Organ Dose Following Radionuclide Intakes.”  This project includes construction of 3D tissue models as part of an effort to develop software to assess organ exposure to radioactive substances.  The three other projects are undertaken at the Georgia Institute of Technology (project 2), Northwestern University (project 3), and the University of California at Berkeley (project 4).  Tissue models developed in project 1 will be based on human tissue sections that are part of an extensive Histology Slide Collection maintained by the Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology.  The figure below is an example of tissue sections from the ACB Histology Slide Collection.

More details about the project and participating members can be found at