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Maria Guijarro, PhD is First Author on Two Newly Published Papers!

Dr. Maria Guijarro is an Assistant Scientist in Dr. Maria Zajac-Kaye’s lab. Congratulations on the amazing accomplishment! Guijarro MV, Nawab A, Dib P, Burkett S, Luo X, Feely M, Nasri E, Seifert RP, Kaye FJ, Zajac-Kaye M. TYMS promotes genomic instability and tumor progression in Ink4a/Arf null…

ASE PhD Students going to Washington DC

Congrats to both our first year ASE PhD students, Nancy Adams and Ashley Walker, for having their abstracts accepted to the annual American Association for Anatomy conference in March! Ashley’s abstract is titled “Low-Stakes Quizzing (LSQ) in gross anatomy: Exploring student perceptions of student created lab quizzes in first-year medical…

Congratulations Sadia Sarwar

Sadia Sarwar from Dr. Alexander Ishov's lab is first author of recently published article in Springer Nature.

ASE PhD Students to Present at FL Education Research Association

Congratulations to Ashley Walker and Nancy Adams for being accepted as presenters in this years annual Florida Educational Research Association conference in November. Ashley and Nancy will be presenting a poster presentation titled “A Novel Perspective on Research Rotations: Bridging the College of Medicine and the College of Education”.

Anatomy & Cell Biology – IDEA

The Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology is committed to Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Access (IDEA) in all of its activities, including education, research, and service.

John P. Aris PhD Member of $10.7 Million Project

John P. Aris, PhD is a member of a UF team led by Dr. Wesley E. Bolch PhD that received earlier this year a program project grant for $10.7 million from the NIH National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.  The program…

The Future of Anatomy Education

The Anatomical Science Education PhD program admitted its first two graduate students, Nancy Adams and Ashley Walker, in the fall of 2021.  During their first semester, Nancy and Ashley were able to explore in-depth the complex systems of the human body using real cadavers in the gross anatomy…