GMS 6335 – Advanced Stem Cell Biology: Tissue Engineering

Course Information

Credit hour: 1
Number: GMS 6335
Course format: 5-week module

Course Director

Rene Opavsky, Ph.D.
Office: CGRC 258


The aim of this course is to summarize recent developments in stem cell biology with a particular emphasis on their therapeutic use in disease treatment and tissue engineering. The course will provide a brief overview of the basic principles of stem cell biology followed by a summary of current approaches and future perspectives for therapies for cancer, neurological, musculoskeletal, cardiac, eye, bone, and other disorders.


GMS 6001 or consent of the instructor


The course is designed to have nine classroom sessions. It will consist of two 45-60 minute lectures per week. In addition, a 45-60 minute discussion of scientific articles chosen by the faculty will be held once a week after the lecture. All students are required to read the article and participate in the discussion.


50% Presentation and classroom participation
50% Take-home short answer quiz (6-10 questions at the end of the course).