GMS 6691 – Anatomical Sciences Education Journal Club

Course Director

Kyle E. Rarey, PhD
Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology
D2-32B, Dental Sciences Building
Phone: (352) 273-5753


Presentation: 50%
Participation in Discussion: 50%

Presentation Requirements

  • One presenter per class
  • Presentations should be 35-40 minutes, allowing for 20-25 minutes of discussion
  • Papers to be presented must be approved by Course Director beforehand
  • Presentations must include background on BOTH the teaching and learning techniques that are essential to understanding the paper.
  • Please include insight and background found in the annotations.


  • Students must participate in the discussion in some way in every class. Ask a question, have the presenter clarify a point, share your thoughts or experiences, be critical or supportive of the data…but do speak up. This is essential for your grade but also makes the class dynamic and interesting. Not participating in the discussion is the same as not coming to class at all.
  • Excused absences must be cleared with the Course Director beforehand
  • If you cannot present on the date assigned, find someone to switch with and then contact the Course Director