GMS 6061 – The Nucleus


The goal of this course is to develop an understanding of current concepts in contemporary cell biology focusing on spatiotemporal aspects of eukaryotic nucleus structure and function.


Faculty will present short (“chalk”) talk followed by paper discussion.

For reviews:

Point of greatest interest
What point/paradigm/model/finding/observation is of most interest to you?

For original research papers:

What hypothesis do the authors test?

What method is of most interest to you?

Which result is of most interest to you? Does it support the hypothesis and conclusions of the authors?


Form an opinion about the conclusion(s) of the paper.
Your experiment
Propose one (or more) experiment to extend or further support the conclusions of the paper.


Student will be assessed a letter grade. Student assigned as a Discussion Leader will introduce paper, prepare PowerPoint presentation that includes paper figures and lead discussion session. Your grades will be based on your participation in the discussion of research papers. If you can’t attend due to reasonable circumstances, please contact Dr. Ishov ahead of time.


Alexander Ishov, Associate Professor, Anatomy & Cell Biology, (Course Director)

Jorg Bungert, Professor, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology jbungert@ufl.ed

Rene Opavsky, Associate Professor, Anatomy & Cell Biology,