Meet the Graduate Students

Joined in Fall 2021

Upon arrival in Gainesville, I realized that this opportunity was a game-changer! I had been teaching Human A & P at community colleges which focused more on physiology and utilized typical plastic models, individual organs, and 2D imaging. Seeing the actual structures in the medical anatomy lab is teaching me the intricate relationships among the different body systems and clarifying even more the functional inter-relatedness of the body organization.

The ASE program is also about educational research. I am seeing first-hand the cutting edge of educational technology development and research in the College of Education, such as Artificial Intelligence, Eye-tracking, Virtual Reality, and Gamification.
I hope that I don’t die before I get to teach anatomy again!

Continuing my learning and growing in the anatomical sciences was my goal when applying for the program. I have always enjoyed learning about the human body, so why not share my love of anatomy with others in the form of teaching. After teaching at community college for a little while, I understood that there was still more for me to learn. So here I am in the ASE program at UF!

The ASE program has been better than I could have ever imagined. Delving into the intricacies of the human body and exploring the vast array of educational research has been quite an adventure. Also, being able to learn and shadow some of the best professors in the field is unparalleled. It has been a blessing to not only learn from scholars in the College of Medicine but also from those in the College of Education. I am excited for what the future holds!