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Research Associate Professor
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  • Mechanotransduction by Endothelial Cells is Direction Dependent and Ligand Specific and Shear Stress regulates forward and reverse planar cell polarity
  • Pinin is involved in Tcf/Lef activity in mice, interacts with SRp75, SRm300 and SRrp130 in corneal epithelial cells and Pnn RNAi induces loss of cell-cell adhesion in corneal epithelial cells
  • Stereological differences between control and exercise in pregnancy, diabetic patients, small for gestational age individuals and high and low altitude pregnancies
  • Localization of PDECGF and VEGF in human placentae throughout gestation
Research Assistant Professor
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Assistant Scholar
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  • University of Florida College of Medicine Exemplary Teacher Award, 2006 to 2012
(352) 273-5753
  • Alpha Omega Alpha Robert J Glaser Distinguished Teacher Award Medical Honor Society, 2018
  • Lifetime Achievement Award by College of Medicine Society of Teaching Scholars, 2018
  • UF College of Medicine Class of 2020 established the Class of 2020 Kyle E. Rarey, PhD Award for Excellence in the Anatomical Sciences, 2018
  • Enhancing Cognitive Learning of Human Anatomy through Augmented Reality and Mobile Technology
  • Rarey KE, Weitzel S, and Downey D Awarded $125,925.00, 2018-2019