IDEA – Anatomy & Cell Biology


The continued vitality of scientific research and innovation depends on a diverse scientific community that fully represents and reflects all of society.  This vitality has generated innumerable advances in medicine and other fields that have benefited us all.  Creating a diverse scientific community is more than the right thing to do.  Numerous studies in peer-reviewed journals recount and explore the positive impact of diversity on scientific novelty and originality.  For example, biomedical research benefits enormously from studies of people of color and different ethnic groups that have different relative resistance or susceptibility to different diseases.  Biomedical research also benefits enormously from new ideas and insights that emerge from diverse perspectives.  Progress toward creating a diverse scientific community has been slow.  But the positive impacts of diversity are increasingly recognized as key for continuing the rapid pace of discovery and invention that moves us all forward.  The Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology is committed to the creation of a diverse scientific community at all levels from undergraduate and graduate students to postdoctoral fellows and faculty.  Imagine the progress we will make together!

The Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology is committed to Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Access (IDEA) in all of its activities, including education, research, and service.  This web page provides a portal to ACB IDEA web pages devoted to different topics, such as minorities and women in science.  ACB IDEA web pages contain links to other web pages and PDFs of interest. We welcome input and suggestions!  Please send suggestions for links and PDFs of interest to John Aris ( and/or Nadja Makki (