Sexism in Science

July 2022
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A geologist’s provides her take on calling out harassment and sexism in science.
PBS News Hour – Brief But Spectacular –

Papers by women in elite medical journals are much less likely (up to half as likely) to be cited as are similar articles authored by men.
Reardon S. Fewer citations for female authors of medical research. Nature PMID: 34326513

Not the Science Type: this is a four-part docuseries about four female scientists who confront stereotypes as they rise to prominence in their fields.

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PBS Nova – Picture a Scientist –
Researchers expose longstanding discrimination against women in science.

Hofstra B, et al. The Diversity-Innovation Paradox in Science. PNAS PMID 32291335.
Underrepresented groups produce higher rates of scientific novelty. However, their novel contributions are devalued and discounted.

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