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Seminars every Wednesday at 10:45am

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Bin Li Seminar


Anatomy & Cell Biology Seminar Series

Past Presentations

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Mathew Sebastian Seminar
Mathew Sebastian, “Pglyrp3 cooperates with Snail1 to control breast cancer metastasis”, Sept 10, 2019

Eric Wang Seminar Poster
Eric Wang, PhD, “Leading a double life: Muscleblind RNA binding proteins in the nucleus and cytoplasm”, Sept 4, 2019

Weizhou Zhang Seminar Poster
Weizhou Zhang, PhD, “WNT Signaling in Tumor Microenvironment and Breast Cancer”, Wed August 28, 2019

Tao Li poster
Tao Li, “Potential role of Mir-203 in Ovarian Cancer”, Wed April 24, 2019

Kellish Poster
Patrick Kellish, “Oncolytic virotherapy for small-cell lung cancer; priming immunity for more effective checkpoint inhibition”, Wed April 17, 2019

Qiu Poster
Yi Qiu, PhD “Epigenetic regulators in colon cancer cell survival and chemo-resistance”, Wed April 10, 2019

Vulpe poster
Christopher D. Vulpe, MD, PhD “Genome Wide CRISPR approaches to identify cellular toxicity mechanisms” Wed March 27, 2019

Jessica Lewis Poster
Jessica Lewis “The role of USF1 in the regulation of lipogenesis and breast cancer tumor progression” Wed March 20, 2019

Mayor Poster
Federico Mayor Jr, PhD “GRK2 and Oncomodulator in Cancer Progression”, Wed March 13, 2019

Osking poster
Zachary Osking “ALS-Linked SOD1 Mutants Enhance Neurite Outgrowth and Branching in Adult Motor Neurons”, Wed February 27, 2019

Webster poster
Marie Webster, PhD “Phenotype Plasticity and Therapy Resistance in Melanoma”, Wed February 20, 2019

Papp Poster
Bernadett Papp, PhD “Studying cell type specific genome-wide switch mechanisms regulating cell identity and function”, Wed February 13, 2019

Skruber poster
Kristen Skruber “Novel insights into Profilin-1’s role in actin assembly, organization, and homeostasis”, Wed February 6, 2019

Prachi poster
Prachi Khare “Role of Mosquito derived factor-Farnesyl pyrophosphate in mosquito stages of Plasmodium parasite development”, Wed January 30, 2019

Zhou poster
Liang Zhou, MD, PhD “A Decade’s Journey of Understanding Immunological Role of Ahr, a Xenobiotic Ligand Receptor”, Wed January 23, 2019

Drashansky Poster
Theodore Drashansky “Epigenetic landscape dictated by Bcl11b sustains Treg cell program while blocking innate lineage and apoptosis”, Wed January 16, 2019

Narayan Poster
Satya Narayan, PhD “Sensitization of FOLFOX- and TRAIL-resistant Colorectal Cancer Cells”, Wed January 9, 2019