Search Committee Meeting

Assistant/Associate/Full Professor (24405)

Seminar 9/7/2023
1:30pm HMEB 128
Lauren Butaric, PhD
“A Case-based Approach to Cardiac Embryology”

Seminar 8/3/2023
1:30pm HPNP G-301A
Hana Abualadas, MD
“Post Hysterectomy Complications: Where Clinical Anatomy Integration Solves The Mystery – Case-Based Learning Module for Medical Students”

Seminar 7/31/2023
1:30pm HMEB 128
Andrew Crofton, PhD
“Mapping Las Vagus: Using Mutiple Imaging Modalities to Delineate the Gross and Fascicular Anatomy of the Vagus Nerve to Improve Vagus Nerve Stimulation Therapy”

Assistant/Associate/Full Professor (86518)


Seminar 3/7/2022
1:30pm CGRC 133
Alan Lombard, PhD – Vision Talk

Seminar 2/28/2022
3-4pm via Zoom –
Jason Wu, PhD
“Exploring and Exploiting Neuromimicry in Prostate Cancer”

Seminar 2/8/2022
1-2pm via Zoom –
Alan Lombard, PhD
“Simulating the Unknown”
Modeling Prostate Cancer to Understand Advanced Disease and Therapeutic Resistance

Thursday 01/13/2022
10:30AM via Zoom –

Monday 01/10/2022
9AM via Zoom –

Wednesday 12/15/2021
3PM via Zoom –