GMS 6692 – Molecular Cell Biology Data Club

Course Director

Maria Zajac-Kaye, PhD
Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology.
2033 Mowry Rd, CGRC 365
Phone: (352)273 9153

Course Format

  • Student presentation will be 30-40 minutes talk followed by 10 minutes for scientific questions, and 10 minutes for a brief meeting with two faculty evaluators. 
  • The mentor is required to be at the student presentation. It is the student’s responsibility to make sure that the mentor will be present. The student should reschedule the presentation by exchange presentation time with the other student if the mentor is not available at scheduled presentation time.
  • Moderator will introduce the speaker before the presentation, lead discussion after the presentation and control the timing of the presentation.
  • The presentation will be evaluated by two faculty members from the department of anatomy and cell biology. After the presentation, the evaluators will meet with the presenter to discuss the scientific merit and the presentation style.
  • Students are required to attend every class and sign the attendance sheet. For excusable absence, i.e., sick, family issues, attending scientific conferences, student is responsible to inform the course directors before the seminar by email and have the same email cc’ed to his/her research mentor. For unexcused absence, student can come to discuss the situation with the course director to work out a solution.
  • Grades are given based on student attendance, the quality of presentation and the participation in class discussions.